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I disabled this feature on my router and now it’s a thousand times more secure

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router security

One of the most important points today when it comes to having a network connection at home is security. And it is that, if we are not careful, someone may sneak into the Internet connection at home giving us some other problem. For this reason, one of the functions that is always recommendable to deactivate It is the one that we are going to explain to you next.

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To do this, not only do you have to know exactly what it is, but it will also be important to know each of the steps that must be followed to correctly configure the home router. But, so that you can have context, first of all, we have already warned you that it is the WPS of the equipment, a button or PIN number that can facilitate connection to Wi-Fi Of the device.

What is router WPS

We are facing a particular feature that comes in routers. It is a connection method that makes it easier for users to connect devices to WiFi networks. In addition, it is based on entering a PIN number or push a button on the router. Generally, both methods are on all routers. Although, it must be taken into account that different manufacturers only allow pressing the router button, ruling out authentication in the router by PIN.

The main drawback is that, if a router has the PIN option, the brute force cracking It is possible if we take into account that there are 11,000 possibilities, so it could be achieved in just 2 days at most.

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Disable WPS router Movistar security

However, there are different companies that have already been adding a maximum of attempts to their equipment when entering the PIN for WPS. In this way, they are prevented from continuing to try their luck. However, not all manufacturers have this extra protection. So, in those cases, it would be better disable the router’s WPS option to increase security.

How to disable it forever

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The nice thing about this feature is that it is generally disabled in the same way for all routers. So there won’t be any kind of special step. In any case, the first of all will be to enter the computer configuration. To do this, we will have to access your page by entering the default address that, normally, is usually Once inside, we will have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the username and password for access. If you don’t know which ones, the credentials will come on the label of the router.
  • When we are inside its configuration, we will have to go to the WiFi or wireless connection section. This section will have one name or another depending on the equipment we have.
  • Inside, we’ll have to search the WPS function.
  • Finally, you will have to deactivate it.

Disable WPS

And to continue increasing security, since we don’t know if someone has been able to access the home network, it will be better change password Device Wi-Fi. In this way, we will make sure that no one has sneaked in or, if you have done it through the WPSno longer have this option.

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