I can’t receive SMS messages on my smartphone: These are the solutions

Messages solve receive

It is very likely that you are waiting to receive a SMS message and it never arrives, which can be quite frustrating. Nowadays we no longer usually communicate through text messages, but some applications that you have downloaded on your smartphone do, such as WhatsApp, or even banking entities, to Notify you of any changes that have occurred. If you do not receive these messages, you should sign up for the following solutions.

The way we communicate has changed radically. In the distance are the famous messages that we sent to each other with abbreviations of words so that we could fit them in a single SMS, which also had a cost, and some of them still do. But with the appearance of applications like WhatsApp or Telegram, contact is much more fluid and direct, like when we used Messenger on our computers. However, there are those who do not want to stop sending information through this type of short message service or continue receiving them.

How to continue receiving SMS

Leaving aside the nostalgic part, if you are still one of those who continue receiving SMS, you probably have a problem in the Messages application on your phone, but we propose a series of methods What you can put into practice to resolve this altercation.

Clear Messages cache and data

Your Android mobile may have a technical problem in the Messages application and what you should do is restart it completely. To do this, go to Settings and choose the Applications option. Once inside, locate Messages and choose the Storage and cache option to click on the button Clear cache. You can also choose to Wipe Data to remove any file corruption you may have.

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Messages solve receive

Check spam folder

In case you hadn’t noticed, your Messages app has a spam function where you can block unknown senders. It is possible that the messages you receive have been marked as spam and will no longer reach you. To unlock them, access the Messages service, tap your profile at the top right of the screen and select Spam and blocked.

Here you can choose the sender number and unblock or unmark the messages as spam so that they arrive again without problems.

Check your signal

In order for you to receive a text message, you must have at least three lines on your coverage filled, but if you have network problems, the best thing you can do is try toggle the Airplane mode to activate it and, after a few seconds, deactivate it. This usually solves errors in the mobile signal.

However, another reason why you do not have enough coverage is because the SIM card is not properly inserted. To do this, take a thin object that fits well through the hole in the card and remove it to replace it.

Update the Messages app

Finally, one of the mishaps we may have when not receiving text messages is because our messaging application is not updated to the latest version. In this case, check for and download updates that are available in the Play Store by typing the name of the application, which would be Google Messages.