I bought the iPhone 14 Pro and I feel like an idiot

i bought the iphone 14 pro and i feel like
i bought the iphone 14 pro and i feel like

apple iphone 14 pro questions

I’ve been with the new one for 24 hours iPhone 14 Pro and I don’t need any more time to realize that it was a resounding mistake to make the change from a iPhone 13 Pro. In a few lines I will try to explain the reasons why you should think twice if you really want to waste your money.

The first compelling reason has to do with the price of the new phones. After five frozen years, Apple has decided to contribute to the increase in inflation with a significant increase. The iPhone 14 start from €1,009and the iPhone 14 Pro, from €1,319that is, a increase of more than 15% to other years. The bad news is also transferred to its previous model that instead of lowering the price as it happened before, it will maintain the 909 euros. Why this rise? The euro devaluation It plays an important role against the dollar, but it must also be taken into account that the firm needs to increase its income in a context in which its sales are suffering due to the global macroeconomic situation and perhaps also due to the lack of innovation.

The super novelties of the iPhone 14

Note the irony and it is that we find rather few novelties. Those magical changes like the passing of the Touch ID to Face ID They shine by their absence. At the design level I would say that the 14 gets worse and that is that the 1 millimeter magnification of the rear cameras causes the terminal to be more unstable when you leave it on a flat surface. In the next photo you can see the difference with the previous generation.

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Other than that few changes, this matte black unit looks the same as previous generations and I would only highlight that the metal edges are magnets for fingerprints that are impregnated on all sides. In my opinion, Jony Ive’s departure, former head of design for the iPhone, is beginning to be noticed and even Eve Jobs herself, the founder’s daughter, has criticized the lack of innovation in this new generation.

The Screen and the famous dynamic island

The first novelty comes with the «always On» copied from Android and the only function it has is to show the time, notifications and of course drink the battery. It is still early to talk about the energy consumption of this “innovation” but the good news is that it can be deactivated. It also turns off if we carry the phone in our pocket or if we put it upside down. at the hardware level keep the same panel which is still OLED, forgetting the miniLED that would be a leap. The only change from the 13 is that the maximum brightness peak reaches 2,000 nits. You will only notice that if you take pictures in full sunlight, you will see the screen brighter.

The island is the great novelty that they want to sell us, but it is still an unimportant functionality that is well achieved at the design level. Does the way of interaction of notifications change? Yes, it is better, is it a genius that you would pay more money for? Obviously not. Also, it has its drawbacks like when you watch a video in full screen it is more annoying than the previous notch. Here you have a simple example.

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Nothing is written about tastes but some Android manufacturers offer better solutions than the famous dynamic island. Of course, the youtubers, influencers and journalists related to the apple firm are selling headlines as if it were a very successful evolution.

The photograph

The team, like every year, improves in this section and releases a sensor of 48 megapixels with pixel binning. I have not yet had the opportunity to take pictures in different environments, but the truth is that, for the general public, the improvements are not significant. The photography technology implemented by the latest generation smartphones has reached a point of maturity that is not noticeable by the average user. Perhaps a person who is dedicated to photography professionally can appreciate it, but for the general public, the improvements are rather anecdotal. Where it does seem that there is an important jump is in the video section, but if you come from an iPhone 13 pro as is my case, it is not a revolution.

Finally, the autonomy and performance I will be able to evaluate it later, but it must be said that at the processor level the iPhones have always fulfilled perfectly and that fusion between hardware and software means that they are always one step ahead of Android in terms of performance.

In short, we are facing a transition generation with no innovation and with an unjustified price increase. If you are a big fan of Apple and your pocket allows it, buy the smartphone and check that, if you come from a previous generation, you will notice little difference. The dynamic island may seem successful but it is nothing more than a minor cosmetic change that tries to justify the lack of ideas on the part of the Cupertino firm. After the disbursement, I confirm that I feel like an idiot.

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And the iPhone 14?

If you have an iPhone 13 and you plan to change to 14 you should take into account the following points:

  • The design is identical. It doesn’t even have the dynamic island. They have released a new purple color.
  • At the hardware level, it has the same processor as the iPhone 13 Pro. It increases from 4 to 6GB of RAM compared to its predecessor.
  • The autonomy is the same with the same fast charge.
  • At the multimedia level there are no changes, the same screen.
  • And the camera? Well, the same as in the previous version. The only difference is the action mode.
  • The price starts from 1009 euros, a joke.