“I am Groot” debuted with the full season: fresh and fun Disney + proposal

“I am Groot”: watch the first trailer of the spin-off about the charismatic little tree
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The story of groot in the cinematic universe Marvel (UCM) dates back to his first appearance in the 2014 film, Guardians of the Galaxy. There, he supposedly died and only a small branch remained of him as he sacrificed himself to save his team and family. Then, in the second installment of 2017, he already appeared as a little baby that many called Baby Groot. The series is located chronologically before that film and how she left her pot to start walking.

Before behaving like a teenager in Avengers: Infinity War (2018),Avengers:Endgame (2019) and the recently released Thor: Love and Thunder, groot he had to learn everything all over again, from moving around on his own to the more (and not so) amazing capabilities of his new body. This is what explores the new series of five short films from Marvel Studios called I Am Groot.

The series explores the adventures of Groot growing up. (DisneyPlus)

“A hero of few words returns”, is the subtitle of this short but entertaining and fresh miniseries of no more than 5 minutes per chapter in which groot It will go from discovering his “feet” to the first pranks inside the ship of the Guardians of the galaxy. Although it is a fiction of small moments of the little tree man, it will also feature some participation of his most endearing friends.

Beyond the fact that this character only uses three words to express all kinds of emotions and communicate with others, for this series it makes more sense, since it has a considerable presence of physical humor: a baby getting to know his body and discovering how it feels. moves in the surrounding environment. From “fighting” with robots that take care of him to facing a tiny alien race, I am Groot It is a test passed for Marvel far from the ambitious proposals for TV and cinema.

It is a miniseries of no more than 5 minutes per chapter.  (DisneyPlus)
It is a miniseries of no more than 5 minutes per chapter. (DisneyPlus)

In a context in which Marvel Studios is being strongly questioned for its demand in the production of visual effects, I am Groot It arrives to prove the level of excellence that the studio seeks in its products: the animation of the five cuts looks really incredible. This content also works as an exploration product looking for new formats in a framework where the cinematographic leg is stagnant and the series have not yet caused the interest of the first three phases of the cinematographic universe. However, products such as the animated universe that is being developed for the next three years shows that there is a new audience to conquer, it is just a matter of getting creative.

On the nostalgia side, many media assure that this miniseries is also a kind of farewell letter to the character, since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 It will be the final goodbye to the franchise. Anyway, there are no certainties of the death of these characters or anything like that. yes it is true that I am Groot It serves as an aid to remember the paternal relationship that several of the characters built with the little boy who today, in the present of the MCU, is on his way to becoming an adult Groot once again, with well-established roots.

Images from "I am Groot".  (DisneyPlus)
Images from “I am Groot”. (DisneyPlus)

I am Groot is now available on Disney+.


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