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Hypotenuse, another artificial intelligence that writes texts automatically

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During the last months we have already seen several tools that promise to write texts of all kinds with just a few keywords.

Although I personally find these initiatives quite absurd when presented as article writing solutions, I recognize that they can be useful for advertising phrases, descriptions in certain online stores and in some social networks.

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The operation of these platforms is easy to understand. The AI ​​has been trained with millions of texts from the most diverse sources, so that when we give it some keywords, the system is capable of forming related phrases from everything it has learned. Logically, you will not be able to innovate, or give opinions, or say anything specific about a given product, you will only create generic texts, you will vomit words.

If you are thinking of using these tools to create «articles» in blogs, it is not a good idea, since Google knows how to differentiate them, and penalizes them in its latest update.

The fact is that now there is a new tool of this type. This is Hypotenuse, a tool that turns a few keywords into full blog posts, images, artwork, and marketing content like product descriptions, Instagram captions, emails, ads, and more. It can also help write emails.

Among its functions it has:

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– It allows write drafts full of articles with just a few clicks.
Generate images and unique art just by describing what we want.
– Investigate factual content and citations with an AI content detection tool.
– Creates ecommerce content with integrated workflows. In a few seconds you could have 100 different descriptions for a bar of soap, for example.

It promises to create high-quality content thanks to proprietary models, with a free option and a Pro model for those who need more use.

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