Huawei prepares its Dynamic Island: it will come out with Nova 11 | Rumor

It seems that Huawei is working on its own variant of the Dynamic Islandand which will debut with Nova 11: colleagues from support it Huawei Central. The smartphone will have a centrally located, pill-shaped camera hole just like the iPhone 14 Pro, and essentially there will be a series of software features built around it. Unfortunately we do not know exactly what these features are, but it is easy to expect something very similar to what is seen on Apple devices.

What you see below should be the first render of Nova 11. Unfortunately, not even in this case we have many precise and concrete details to report, apart from what can be deduced from the image. That is to say: Triple rear camera (let’s imagine the usual main + ultrawide + telephoto), practically non-existent display frames and curved edges on both sides. The hole appears to house two cameras but we don’t know if it’s a setup more similar to that of the iPhone – a single camera and various sensors for unlocking the face. It should be noted that Huawei has adopted pill-shaped front camera holes in the past, but never in a central position – they were usually located in the upper left corner.

In fact, one could say that even on the software side, the first step was taken by Huawei towards Dynamic Island: its (at the time) subsidiary Honor was among the first to launch a smartphone with a hole in the display for the camera instead of the notch, and when you were on a call just around the hole a time counter appeared elapsed. An idea clearly more limited and circumscribed than what we then saw in the iPhone, but the direction was already that.

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For now, we await further information on both the device and the Huawei version of the Dynamic Island. As this is a software function it is it is reasonable to expect that we will find it on other devices but will a hole of that shape necessarily be needed or will it also adapt to the round ones, widely used on the models currently on sale by the giant?