Huawei: no new Kirin chips coming in 2023 | Rumor


There will be no restart of HiSilicon, Huawei’s chip division, from which the Kirin SoCs for smartphones have arisen in the past years: the indiscretion has been circulating for a few months, with the latest versions indicating 2023 as the time window for the arrival of new products, but apparently Huawei itself has denied it. The information comes from the Chinese social network Weibo, and although these are reasonably reliable sources, it is always better to take it with a pinch of distrust.

As we know, Huawei has suffered a significant setback in several sectors, including that of smartphones and all related ones, due to the sanctions imposed by the United States: in essence, American and foreign companies that rely mainly on American technology. they cannot have business relations with the colossus founded by Ren Zhengfei. This has meant that, more or less overnight, Huawei has lost access to irreplaceable resources both software (for example Android as we understand it in the West, or the open-source version of the system enriched by Google services) and hardware (the factories that physically make the chips designed by Huawei).

If on the software side Huawei has managed to buffer by developing its Harmony OS (which is in fact a fork of Android) and above all its Google-like services, SoC side could not help but opt ​​for a strategic retreat. While contributing to the state initiative to empower the chip-making business with extensive R&D on manufacturing processes that rival those of, for example, TSMC and Samsung, it is limited to implementing 4G-only variants of Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs. . In relatively recent times a Kirin 710A, a chip made with Chinese technology only, was presented: production is entrusted to the compatriot SMIC. But it is on a 14 nm node, a far cry from the 4 nm (and now we are close to 3) of the industry leaders.