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Huawei MateStation S, a versatile compact desktop PC

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Looking for new alternatives to the smartphone market, Huwaei presents us today the huawei matestation S, your own compact desktop computer, incorporating the smart features that identify your current phones and PCs, with all the necessary specifications to allow users to use it while working safely and efficiently.

Changing the traditional large desktop design for this more minimalist approach, the Huawei MateStation S is characterized by its elegance and compact body of just 8.6 liters, in which you can see inclined openings in the front panel for cooling.

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Oriented mainly for day-to-day tasks or work, it never ceases to amaze us the presence of a 7nm 6-core AMD Ryzen 5 4600G processor, which provides incredible multitasking performance, and includes integrated Radeon graphics, favoring faster graphics performance than some of its counterparts, and even a utility for video games.

The cooling system with Space-Efficient and ultra-quiet fan adjusts the wind speed as the temperature of computer components changes, making temperature control smarter and thus reducing possible noise. The design and configuration of the air duct ensures that hot air is exhausted through a dedicated duct, allowing the system to cool rapidly for greater long-term stability.

Also, this computer arrives together with the Huawei Ultra-Slim Wired Keyboard, an ultra-thin wired keyboard with a metallic design, scissor buttons, and an integrated fingerprint system that will allow us to unlock and start the computer with a single touch, offering greater accessibility, security and productivity.

Availability and price

Huawei MateStation S will go on sale in Spain starting next Monday, August 16 in the official Huawei online store, with a price of 649 euros in which it will be included as a gift the HUAWEI Display 23.8 monitor (in orders until August 31), and as of August 23 it will be incorporated into the rest of the usual sales channels.

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Although the fact of having some accessories already assigned does not imply that we should stick to them, being able to complete this pack with some of the models presented in our latest monitor guide.

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