Huawei Mate50 Pro, impressive details about its camera

Today we have been introduced to the Huawei Mate50 Pro, the new Huawei mobile that arrives in Spain innovating in many aspects, mainly in its camera.

I leave you some of the most impressive points, leaving the complete review for later, when we have the mobile in our hands and do its corresponding video analysis.

Before I start with the camera, I present to you the mobile and its screen. In the image above you can see that it is a 6.74-inch screen, OLED, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

It has a truly impressive optical system, and a processor capable of performing wonders from capturing the image to displaying it on the screen.

The rear camera module is quite complete, although the Ultra aperture camera catches my attention, with six sheets responsible for closing or opening the lens so that more or less light enters. What has been done with software until now is now done the same way as with a traditional SLR.

That is the point that stands out the most, with Ultra Aperture adjustable in 10 points, physical. In this image you can see the leaves closing the lens so that the focus of the objects can be better controlled.

In these two example photographs we have the difference between F 1.4 and F4, a change not made by software, I repeat, since the physical blades are responsible for the change.

Once again the ability to capture photos in low light is striking. In the two lower images you have the configuration defined to be able to capture these wonders.

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The Zoom is also impressive, as it usually is with Huawei phones. At the time I was already impressed with the P30 years ago, the Mate50 Pro continues to amaze:

And when it comes to macro photography, a picture is worth a thousand words. Looking forward to having it in hand to test it on a daily basis and check if the textures are maintained or if there is a lot of post-processing with the theme.

The front camera has an ultra wide angle and the face detection camera for unlocking, as well as a 13MP to ensure the perfect selfie.

It will be sold for just over 1,100 euros, with pre-sale starting today.