Huawei maintains good demand and impresses in China’s 5G handset market; apple dominates

 Huawei maintains good demand and impresses in China's 5G handset market;  apple dominates

Huawei may have melted into the global handset market, but it’s still one of the top brands in its homeland. According to a survey carried out by the Daily Interactivethe manufacturer has the 4th highest demand for 5G smartphones in Chinaboasting a market share of 14.8% — greater than Xiaomi’s presence.

Despite having problems launching cell phones compatible with 5G, Huawei ended the 3rd quarter with a good sales volume. The segment leader is Apple, with 19.4% of market share, which shares the podium with vivo and OPPO. Honor proves its consolidation in the Chinese market with its 12% share of shipments.

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To prevent its cell phones from being overtaken by rival models with the new technology, Huawei continues to launch its devices with processors limited to 4G connectivity, but with support for special protective covers that enable 5G support through a USB-C port.

The analyzes of Daily Interactive do not clarify what factors are taken into account to conclude that Huawei is the 6th most popular manufacturer in the 5G handset market, but if models compatible with the brand’s innovative accessory are eligible for the survey, Huawei proved to have a great “card in the mango” against US sanctions.

Huawei P40 Pro is still one of the most popular models

The survey also reveals China’s best-selling 5G phones. The iPhone 13 is the market leader, dominating 5.1% of sales, followed by the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro, respectively.

Despite Apple’s dominance, Huawei impressed by ranking 6th in the ranking of best-selling cell phones when it featured the Huawei P40 Pro, a top-of-the-line cell phone launched two years ago. The Huawei P40 appears in 7th place with 1.7% of sales volume.

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The most recent launch of the Chinese giant in the cell phone market is the Huawei Mate 50, a flagship equipped with Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 4G. The model is already available in the global market and, according to market analyses, it is showing high demand in China, making the company see the need to expand its production.

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