Huawei launches a Christmas edition of the Watch GT 4, its best watch, with headphones and a gift strap

huawei launches a christmas edition of the watch gt 4, its best watch, with headphones and a gift strap
huawei launches a christmas edition of the watch gt 4, its best watch, with headphones and a gift strap

This new version of its smartwatch comes with several gifts, as well as a small discount, and is a great opportunity to buy it.

Huawei is one of the best manufacturers of smartwatches and smart bracelets on the market, and one of its most recent models, the Huawei Watch GT4 , is good proof of this. In fact, it is one of the great alternatives in the high range in Spain, along with other models such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic or the Apple Watch Series 9.

Now, the Chinese company has decided to launch a new version of this model on the occasion of the arrival of Christmas, and they do not come alone , since the company includes some gifts, and for a lower price than the starting price, which is always good news for users.


This device has quite a few strong points that make it highly recommended for all types of users, especially those who not only want a wide variety of functions and sports modes, but also seek to have a careful and very stylized design.

Gift strap and headphones

Both models, the 46 mm —Green and Brown— and the 41 mm —Milanese—, have an extra strap inside the case, red in the case of the large model and pink in the small one . The 46 mm model is available for a price of 279.90 euros, while the 41 mm model is available for 309.90 euros. Both models include, as a gift, Huawei Freebuds SE 2 headphones.


The largest model has a diameter of 46 mm for its 1.43-inch screen, which has a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels that makes it look perfect, and also has a large brightness level. The 41 mm maintains the screen resolution, but in a smaller size, 1.32 inches, which improves its screen density a little. pixels per inch.


Both versions of the watch have GPS and Bluetooth 5.2 to connect with your mobile, in addition to having more than 100 sports modes with which you can record workouts,< to i=2> including even the path that has been followed. In terms of health measurement, it has the ability to measure blood oxygen, heart rate, stress, sleep quality and daily steps.

The battery is another point where there are certain differences between the large and small versions. Logically, the 46 mm has a little more capacity, specifically with 524 mAh compared to the 323 mAh of the 41 mm model, which will help the autonomy to be slightly greater. These are two sophisticated watches, with a great design and a rotary button that not only fits them very well, but also allows you to move around the interface. a quick and simple way. Ideal for not having to swipe the screen all the time.


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