Huawei Kirin creates account on video platform and reignites rumors about return of chips

Huawei Kirin creates account on video platform and reignites rumors about return of chips

Huawei’s processor division created a new account on the BiliBili social network this week and this ended up attracting the attention of the Chinese public, something that caused the screenshot to be shared by thousands of users on Weibo.

For those who don’t follow Huawei closely, it should be remembered that HiSilicon has stopped posting content on its official channels for some time, but this most recent movement may indicate a return of the brand to the chip market.

Last week, Huawei denied a rumor that pointed to a return of Kirin chips in 2023, but the movements continue to happen behind the scenes and we cannot rule out a surprise event next year.

See below that the account already has the verified seal:

Image/reproduction: BiliBili.

So far, HiSilicon’s social networking team has yet to post any videos or even upload a profile picture to the new account, but that could be happening because the company doesn’t want to draw attention from the general public.

HiSilicon continues to work on ways to produce chips without relying on equipment that has some sort of US patent. This is the only way for the company to get around the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration in 2019.

For now, Huawei does not comment on a possible return to the chip market, but it is already certain that the company will use Qualcomm processors in 2023. The only problem remains the lack of support for the 5G network.

Do you believe we will have Kirin chips in 2023 or 2024? Tell us your expectation here in the comments.

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