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Huawei joins forces with Curve: contactless payments on smartphones with HMS

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huawei-p50-pocket-is-now-official-a-new-folding-phone-to-compete-with-the-galaxy-z-flip-3/">Huawei has announced a partnership with Curve to make contactless payments possible on its HMS-based smartphones using the NFC chip. Curve, which we have also tried in recent months, is a solution that allows you to aggregate multiple payment cards into one, allowing you to make contactless payments and withdrawals with a single card and a single pin. Owners of a Huawei smartphone with HMS can download the Curve app from the AppGallery store, register and start using it right away.

Curve is a physical card that fully simulates a credit card. The real difference is that Curve is not associated with any real account but it is a “hub”, in the form of an application, in which to store the data of all our credit, debit or prepaid cards, both Visa and Mastercard.

Once stored, at the time of payment, just use the physical Curve card by choosing the desired card, just like we do with Apple Pay and Google Pay, the latter not usable by Huawei. In addition, within 14 days, Curve also allows you to move a payment made from one card to another. There is also an “anti-embarrassment” function that automatically charges the expense on the next card if that choice is rejected.


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Also interesting is the “cashback” offered by Curve that it will offer to users for the first 30 days a 1% refund on everything purchased or a 5% refund for all purchases made on the Huawei AppGallery. The offer is available to customers in Italy, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Curve is offered both in a free version, with no monthly fee and with few limits, including daily, monthly and annual spending limits, and in a paid version (9.99 euros per month) which also includes other services including a travel insurance.

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