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Huawei fights with Google Play advancing the premiere of Dystopia: Tournament of heroes, now in App gallery

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Huawei fights with <a class=google Play advancing the premiere of Dystopia: Tournament of heroes, now in app gallery" src="https://voonze.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Huawei-fights-with-Google-Play-advancing-the-premiere-of-Dystopia.jpg" >

Despite the enormous difficulties that Huawei has with applications for its phones, the company is determined to boost its store with exclusive games. This is demonstrated by the inclusion of Dystopia: Contest of Heroes, a high-quality title that began its journey in the App Gallery.

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The veto of the United States is already a slab in Huawei’s strategy, not only in the field of smartphones. Blocked in the 5g deployments, it has been forced to sell Honor, it is developing its own compendium of software and hardware and, on top, you have to maintain the attractiveness of your products in the short and medium term. With this outlook against Huawei has decided to bet on mobile games. What do you want Dystopia: Tournament of Heroes on Android? You will have to go through the App Gallery.

First in App Gallery, then in Google Play


The game at hand, Dystopia: Tournament of Heroes, is previously registered in the Google Play Store, but it has now reached the App gallery so that anyone who wants to try it can download it (it is also in the App Store). Is a multiplayer online battle game that promises epic combats and duels as close as they are varied. Obviously, it is a manual ‘freemium’ mobile game.

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The strategy of advancing in the commercialization of games is not bad since many brands have carried out similar actions with different games. Samsung had the exclusive Fortnite on Android, too OnePlus teamed up with Epic Games to offer 90 Hz on their smartphones. And Huawei has decided to collaborate with the developers of Dystopia: Tournament of Heroes to advance the premiere in its store in order to offer more attractiveness to its users, also to developers. Since it has a large catalog of smartphones, and that The App Gallery can be installed on non-Huawei mobilesWhy not encourage its use at the stroke of a checkbook?

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Dystopia: Tournament of Heroes can now be downloaded from Google Play. It is a free game that includes in-app purchases, Internet is required to play and weighs 185 MB. It is accessible through this link.

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