Huawei does not throw in the towel on tablets, everything is known about its next model

Huawei does not throw in the towel on tablets, everything is known about its next model

If anyone thought that Huawei threw in the towel in the market tablets, it has just been known that this is not the case. The Asian firm is close to launching a new model that places you among the most striking options on the market. And, therefore, it maintains its commitment to these devices that have become a good option for many users.

The equipment will be an evolution of one that can currently be purchased, and will be called Huawei MatePad 11 2023, and in what has to do with the design there will not be many changes compared to the previous generation: metal finish with space in the upper area to place the stylus if it is used and some refined lines where there is no lack of curvatures and some pretty small frames. Come on, the attraction is undeniable.

By the way, the screen will be 11 inches, so it also maintains the dimensions. But, in this new generation, there is a commitment to a panel with 120Hz frequency and resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. It will be an LCD-type component, so AMOLED is not used in order to be able to offer the most reasonable price possible. Therefore, it complies well, but it will not be the top of the market in what has to do with this section (and as you will see, this is the rest of the tablet).

Huawei MatePad Tablet with Stylus

The main hardware of this Huawei tablet

To begin with, a processor is used Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. It is not the most current model from the manufacturer, but it does ensure that you will get a high working speed with all kinds of content (and the fact that it is this model is not a problem when it comes to US embargoes). On the other hand, the RAM will be 8GBwhich already makes something very clear: we are not talking about a premium Huawei tablet, but a mid-range / high-end model that will offer good capacity in all sections, without exceeding what will have to be paid for it.

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Data of the new tablet Huawei MatePad 11 2023

Besides, it has also been known that the storage will come in two quantities: 128 and 256 gigabytes, with the option of expanding it by using microSD cards. An interesting figure that is enough for most users to save everything that is needed -from photos to PDF documents-. On the other hand, the battery will have a capacity of 7,250mAh with 22.5W fast charge. This is somewhat surprising, since a greater evolutionary leap could be made in both brands, but Huawei has been especially conservative here, and this makes it normal to expect usage times of around eight hours.

Some more details that are important

The first is that the operating system used aims to be HarmonyOS 3.1, at least in China. It remains to be seen if Android is used outside the borders of the Asian country. This duplicity is common in Huawei tablets regularly, and nothing indicates that this is going to change. In what has to do with the price, according to the data that have been known, this It can be placed at about 400 euros. If confirmed, we are talking about an option that is striking and that may have good options on the market.