Huawei continues to bet heavily on value for money. His latest mobile phone is proof of this

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1701960136 840 560.jpeg

Huawei’s latest launches in its native country have been a tremendous success.

Like the controversial Huawei Mate 60 Pro or the Huawei P60 Pro Now it focuses on the entry range with a new member of the Enjoy family. Huawei is living a complete adventure since the US veto left it without American technologies. Since then, its sales in the West have fallen sharply, due to the absence of Google applications. Currently, they have a very balanced high range with the new Huawei P60 Pro and Huawei Mate 60 Pro, which although they have not succeeded in Europe (the second has not gone on sale) they have succeeded in China.


The latter has brought a long controversy due to components that should not have been included, highlighting the 5G modem. The new Kirin has also surprised due to its manufacturing and the manufacturer’s strategy involves pour over your chips. Now, The latest mobile phone launched in China is proof of what we are talking about allowing you to save costs to achieve better value for money.

The Enjoy 70 is a clear example of the current Huawei: in-house chips and very reasonable prices

Huawei’s intentions are to remove all the remaining stock of Qualcomm processors. Some Snapdragons have been part of the guts of Huawei phones, but the firm is betting everything on the Kirin – the processors that they themselves manufacture – even in the launch of an entry-level range.



This choice allows further reduce the cost of devices, as we will see in this Huawei Enjoy 70. First let’s review its features. This affordable smartphone has a 6.75-inch screen with HD+ resolution, something that denotes the price range in which we operate.

For him internal storage, Huawei has implemented memories of 128 or 256 GB depending on the version chosen, without us knowing other data such as RAM memory. In relation to the photographic section, there have been no cuts in resolution, highlighting the 50 megapixel main sensor.


Although, without a doubt, the most notable thing about the entry range is your battery. Autonomy will not be a problem for the Enjoy 70, which has a 6000 mAh battery, a figure higher than usual in the industry. In addition, it has the ability to charge quickly at 22.5 watts.


Of course, on this occasion we did not find the 5G connectivity which has sparked so much debate in this manufacturer. What it does not lack is WiFi AC and Bluetooth 5.1, or the latest version of HarmonyOS (the Chinese firm’s own operating system). It will be released at a price of 1,199 yuan (approximately 156 euros) on December 12, exclusively in China.

The success achieved by the brand in its native country is not transferred to other parts of the globe, precisely because of the launch policy. It’s not that Europe lends itself too much to it.since the reception that the latest models have had has not been entirely good.



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