HTC, cryptic announcement on Twitter: U23 Pro coming or is there more?

htc, cryptic announcement on twitter: u23 pro coming or is
htc, cryptic announcement on twitter: u23 pro coming or is


After years of living with the belief that the glorious past of HTC could no longer be current, and that in the best case scenario the company should continue on the path of low-end smartphones with little or nothing interesting to say in the West, that’s what recently something seems to move. Yesterday, for example, there were traces of a product that was finally different from the various, anonymous Wildfires, but today the Taiwanese company may have dropped the bomb.

The official HTC Twitter account has published a very short clip in which the silhouette of a smartphone. That there is the (minimum, at the moment) possibility of seeing a product different from the others can be understood from the profile, which is squared and which gives the sensation of being made of metal, not plastic like the low-end models. But it is the only element, indeed the only suggestion, to which those hoping that HTC can cling return soon to be protagonist in the smartphone landscape.

Look who’s teasing another VR phone

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) May 5, 2023


Insider Roland Quandt doesn’t seem to have the situation very clear either. The German retweeted HTC’s message with a message that he can mean everything and nothing at the same time: “Look who’s about to introduce another VR smartphone”a reference to HTC’s commitment to the metaverse through the Viverse brandspent on other models and in the tweet a few hours ago in which the company prepares fans for something to come “Soon”. “See U soon”HTC wrote on Twitter, mixing words and virtual reality.

As far as we know it could also be HTC U23 Pro, a product that seems close to launch. Those who suffer from the absence of the “old” HTC hope instead that the protagonist is not U23 Pro but a surprise.