How to zoom in Windows 11 without having to install anything on the computer

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High-resolution screens are becoming more common in homes, which means less stress on our eyes when using the computer. But higher resolutions can also make some options so detailed that you need to zoom in to get the whole picture, find the right accessibility settings, or examine an image in detail. Here’s how to do this on a computer running the Windows 11 operating system. Computers often have zoom capabilities, including all Chromebooks, and Windows is no exception. We show you everything you have to do to be more precise when using some operating system options without having to install anything on your PC. This is how you zoom in on a computer with Windows 11 In the Microsoft operating system there is a tool called Magnifying Glass that is the one you should use. It is possible to use it at any time to zoom in Windows, including the applications you run. It is part of the accessibility toolset in Windows and is easy to use if you follow the directions below. Go into Windows 11 settings as usual. An example is clicking on the icon in the shape of a cogwheel that is among the applications that you have installed on your computer. Look for the Accessibility option in the side menu and, when you click on it, you will see a section called Magnifying glass on the right side. Then click on Options to continue. You can now set how the Magnifier tool works to work exactly the way you need it to in Windows 11. Click the slider next to Magnifier to turn it on, and then you’re done with the process. These steps are important to see how Magnifier works in settings, but you can turn it on with a keyboard shortcut. This move is convenient for accessibility purposes. Press the Windows logo key and the plus sign (+) to activate Magnifying Glass. Press the Windows logo key and Esc to close it – you can also do this by using the X button on the floating toolbar of the application we are talking about. This is important to many. One final point: some Windows computers have touch screens. If you’re just using the touch screen without a keyboard, look at the corners of the screen for little plus and minus symbols. Those automatically magnify the screen content for you. >

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