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How to work at Amazon: this is how to find a job in the online commerce giant

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Since his arrival in Spain in 2011, Amazon It has become one of the main employer companies in the country, with the creation, in just a decade, of more than 18,000 permanent jobs according to the company’s own data and with a commitment to reach 25,000 employees by 2025, with contracts indefinitely throughout the national territory.

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You may be in a job search situation and a job in one of the positions that Amazon is looking for may interest you, so we are going to tell you the most important things about this process.

How to apply to work at Amazon

If you have wondered where the different job offers are published, we are going to tell you how to get to them and what is the process to apply to the different positions. The easiest route to find the available jobs is to enter amazon.es, just as if you were going to buy, and at the bottom in the “Get to know us” section you will see the link to “Work with us”. This should take you to the Amazon jobs website, so you can bookmark it in your browser for a shortcut for next time.

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you have the opportunity to choose from numerous vacancies, which are classified by type and profession. You also have a search bar available to use keywords and filter the information. If you click on the magnifying glass, you will see all the open jobs.

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You will also find hiring distribution centers, opportunities for students and teleworking options. Once you select an offer, you will see the basic requirements that you must meet. Of course you can also filter by location if you do not have geographical mobility.

Send your CV for these job offers

After finding a vacancy that fits what you may be looking for, reading its requirements and making sure that you meet them, you will have to do click the “Apply for a job today” button. The next step is to register in a form and fill in a series of personal data that the company may need to know first hand, as well as an email address to contact you in case they need it.

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The next step will be attach your curriculum vitae (CV), although it is also allowed to link to external platforms such as LinkedIn, where they may find much more detailed information than in your professional history document. After answering a few more questions, which will serve as a filter for Amazon HR recruiters, you will already be part of the selection process and the die is cast.

You also have the option of apply for Amazon jobs through third parties. They usually advertise in temporary work companies or via LinkedIn. Generally, on its own platform you will find offers more focused on the long term, while for specific or seasonal reinforcements it will probably be easier for you to carry out a search on Google and see which job offer platforms have them uploaded to their website.

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