How to watch Movistar+ Plus without a decoder: all the available ways

how to watch movistar plus without a decoder all the.webp.webp.webp
how to watch movistar plus without a decoder all the.webp.webp.webp

If you have a rate of mobile either fiber and mobile with Movistar you should also have Movistar Plus+, the company’s on-demand television and content platform. This platform can be seen from the decoder which is usually included in each new registration, with the Movistar Plus+ applications and even with third-party apps. We explain all the ways and what you need for the task.

The catalog of content offered by Movistar is one of the widest on the market; not in vain does it have all football apart from other sports, own series, movies and even television channels created expressly for Movistar Plus+. This entire catalog of hours is accessible through the decoder if you are a fiber customer, but it is not the only access door.

Movistar Plus+ through applications

Movistar Channel Plus 2

It is the most common thing when you are away from home or if you want to watch something at home and another person is using the TV: you can use your mobile phone, tablet or computer to get access to everything you have contracted at Movistar Plus+. You can even access it with a Smart TV other than the one you have in the dining room, the key to this is the relevant applications.

Movistar Plus+ can be played on almost any screen that has Internet access and as long as the device has an application store or, failing that, comes with a complete Internet browser. In practice it is an immense variety of devices, this is what the list looks like:

  • Android 5 or higher. Requires at least a Dual Core processor and 1 GB of RAM.
  • Smart TVs with Android TV and Google TV since 2015. With Android TV operating system 6.0 or higher.
  • Samsung Smart TVs since 2012. Profiles, Personal Recordings and Passwordless Access are available on models from 2016 onwards).
  • LG Smart TVs since 2012. Profiles, Personal Recordings and Passwordless Access are available on 2016 and later models.
  • Hisense Smart TV from 2020. Powered by VIDAA OS version 4.0.
  • Amazon Fire Stick TV. All models are compatible with Movistar Plus+.
  • Chromecast with Google TV. In both models, 4K and HD.
  • Web browsers. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera allow access the Movistar+ website on a computer.

All of the above devices offer the Movistar Plus+ application in their respective app stores: go to the store, search for the application and install it (the one for Android, Android TV and Google TV can be downloaded from this link). Once the application is installed, just open it. And two things can happen here: that you do not need a user because you are connected to your Movistar router or that you do need a password because you accessed it from somewhere else.

If you connect to the Movistar router you do not need passwords

All the connections you make to Movistar Plus+ while you remain connected to your account’s router will not require a user: The platform detects that you use the IP address of the address and automatically authorizes you. And it doesn’t matter what device or app you use: if you connect through your Movistar router you will avoid logging in manually.

What are you going to watch Movistar Plus+ away from home? Then you need a username and a password, let’s see how to get both data.

How to request Movistar Plus+ codes

Request Movistar Plus+ codes

All fiber and mobile rates include Movistar Plus+ Inicia, a platform that gives you access to DTT as well as some Movistar channels. In the event that you have contracted Movistar Plus+, either through your rate or outside of Movistaryou will have a much broader catalog of content that includes the DTT, premium channels and video on demand. In all cases you can use Movistar applications regardless of the device you are going to use (as long as it is compatible).

In the event that you do not have the Movistar Plus+ codes, you must do the following process to request them:

  • Access your profile at Movistar website.
  • Identify yourself with your Movistar username. If you have not yet become a user, take the opportunity to create one.
  • Once inside your personal space, go to “My profile”.
  • Click on “Movistar Plus+ on devices”.
  • Enter the email with which you registered in Movistar. This is your Movistar Plus+ username.
  • Once you have entered the email you will receive a temporary password. Use it to access Movistar Plus+ and then change it to your own password.

Now you have everything ready to watch Movistar Plus+ without a decoder, on any compatible device and both outside and inside the home. But Is there a way to access all the content without using the Movistar applications? Well yes, there is: use the Kodi application. Of course, our recommendation is that you use official apps, they will always be safer than using an independent application.

You can access your Movistar Plus+ using Kodi

Movistar Plus Tele

The most versatile content player that exists also houses the possibility of play the content that you have contracted at Movistar Plus+. To do this you need to install the Movistar Plus+ add-on on Kodi that you can find in this GitHub open source project.

Once the add-on is installed from the zip file, and started with your Movistar Plus+ username and password, you will be able to organize the channels and on-demand content on your Kodi in order to have access to what interests you most. Remember that the add-on only allows you to see what you have contracted: If you do not have an active subscription to Movistar Plus+ it will not be of any use to you.

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