How to view saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android without root

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how to view saved wi fi passwords on android without root

While in Windows and other operating systems it is possible to see the stored passwords of Wi-Fi networks, Android does not make it very easy without root access, at least until the latest versions. Still, there are two possible ways to view Wi-Fi passwords saved on mobile without rootat least in relatively modern terminals.

If you want to recover the password of a Wi-Fi network saved on your mobile and you do not have a rooted mobile, there is still hope as long as one of these assumptions is met: that you have at least Android 10 or a customization layer that allows share the connection via QR code.

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1. With Android 10 or higher

Android 10 was released in 2019 so it’s on more and more devices. Among its novelties were improvements on all fronts such as security, privacy and usability. One of those usability improvements is something that was already in the customization layers: sharing the connection with a QR code.

Since the third beta of Android 10 (called Android Q at the time), Google added the possibility to finally see the saved passwords without rooting the system. This is possible both for the current connection and for any other registered in the mobile.

For saved networks, you need to open the Wi-Fi section of Android settings and tap on saved networks. You must then touch the network whose password you want to find out and, finally, press Share.

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This generates a QR code that another person can scan with a compatible application to add the profile directly to the mobile, but also the password is displayed in plain textjust below.


2. With the QR code of EMUI, MIUI and others

As always, pure or stock Android is very different from the Android that reaches mobile phones thanks to the different layers of customization. The good news is that some of these customization layers have long included the ability to share the Wi-Fi network using a QR code. The option is relatively common among Chinese layers such as Xiaomi’s MIUI or Huawei’s EMUI.

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The only downside to this system is that generally these layers only allow you to share the connection you are currently connected tothus limiting its usefulness, but considering that we haven’t been able to do it other than root for almost a decade, it’s something.

First of all, you need generate the QR code in question. The process can vary from layer to layer, though it’s usually as easy as opening the Wi-Fi tab and tapping on the network you’re connected to.


In EMUI the QR code is generated just by touching the connection

Now comes the interesting part: scanning the code. You do not need any additional application, but with Google Lens is enough for you. For convenience, you can use another mobile to scan the code for that one, although it is also possible to open the screenshot in Google Photos and touch the Google Lens icon to achieve the same effect.

code yourself

You can scan a screenshot from your own mobile, using Google Lens in Google Photos

It seems like a lot of steps just to view the saved Wi-Fi password, but remember that at least It is easier than rooting the mobile. Hopefully, future versions of Android and its customization layers will end up implementing Android 10 QR codes that display the password in plain code below, saving you the second step of the process.

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