How to validate emails from a spreadsheet

validar emails.jpg
validar emails.jpg

If you have thousands of subscriber emails and want to clean up before starting your email marketing strategy, pay attention to this new resource.

It is a Google Sheets extension that allows you to display the emails that are valid and those that are not, something possible thanks to several verifications carried out on each record.

Send Sleuth is an email verification and validation plugin for Google Sheets that checks for a number of factors, including server MX records, email syntax, and more. We can then bulk validate emails to make sure our entire list is accurate before sending emails.

Among the features it has, it has:

– Mass verification of emails
– Check email syntax, MX records and more
– Quick check
– Easy to use
– Works directly in Google Sheets
– Fast and friendly support

We just have to install the plugin and open a spreadsheet. Then we will click on “Extensions” at the top, and we will click on “Send Sleuth”. Then we will click on “Start”.

A guide will appear on the right with the process carried out to validate them.

It is important that you give it the proper permissions, which includes the fact that this plugin will be able to read your spreadsheets:

validate emails

Remember that there are also services that allow you to validate emails by paying for each one validated, like the one I told you about months ago from Acrelia News, for example.

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