How to use WhatsApp on your PC: All possible options


Use WhatsApp on your computer It can be very useful: we don’t want to have to stop and look at our phone when we receive a message and are working. We do not have to leave the keyboard to respond to chats or it can simply be useful to have WhatsApp on the computer to transfer files or photos from PC to phone. Be that as it may, we can use the messaging application on the PC at no cost thanks to a free application that we can download on Windows or Mac.

We can download WhatsApp on the computer if we want have the desktop version. Since 2021, it is possible to use the messaging application without having to have the mobile phone on as long as we have previously linked both devices. First we must download the application on the computer and then we will link it to our smartphone with a SIM card. We explain how.

Install WhatsApp on your computer

The first thing we must do to use the desktop version is go to the official WhatsApp page to download it. It is available for Mac and PC. We must keep in mind that we need to have a version of Windows 8 or higher if we have the Microsoft operating system or a version of Mac OS X 10.10 or higher if you have an Apple brand computer. If so, from the WhatsApp website we download the .exe file to our computer. Once the download is complete, we have to install it step by step to be able to send messages and photos from the PC or Mac.

download whatsapp

When you have downloaded the WhatsAppSetup.exe file Click on it to begin the installation on your computer. A window will open in which it explains step by step how we should “use WhatsApp on the computer” along with a QR code that will change every few seconds. And we must have the phone at hand to be able to complete the installation successfully.

  • We open WhatsApp on the mobile phone
  • We touch on the three menu points in the upper right corner
  • We open the section “Linked devices”
  • We touch on “Pair a device”
  • The mobile phone camera will open
  • Focus your mobile phone on the QR code on the computer screen

linked devices

Both options will automatically be linked and we can have all the conversations and groups on the computer without having to write from the mobile phone to respond. But this has a drawback: your phone and your computer are completely linked following these steps and WhatsApp will not be able to work on the computer if the smartphone is turned off, out of coverage or without Internet.

WhatsApp on PC without mobile phone

But since the end of 2021 it is available beta version for various devices. It allows, as explained from the application itself, to use up to four additional devices and a phone at the same time without having to remain connected to the mobile to send or receive messages, to send files, etc. It is not necessary now for your phone to be connected and turned on, but we can use WhatsApp on PC independently if you have a SIM card on a phone that you don’t use, for example, or if it’s your work phone and you want to not use it on your cell phone but on your computer. For a while this feature is in beta version but we can use it until it reaches all users of the application definitively.

multi-device operation.jpg

As? The steps are identical to the previous ones at the beginning: we open WhatsApp on our mobile phone, tap on the three dots in the menu in the upper left corner and choose the “linked devices” option. Here we will see the option to link a device but just below it we will find the message that indicates “Multi-device beta: Use up to four devices without keeping your phone connected. Tap for more information.” You may or may not see the message depending on whether or not you have updated the app. If you see it, tap on it.


The conditions will appear here: we will not be able to send messages or make calls to users with outdated versions and there are some unsupported functions such as real-time location or clearing or deleting chats if your primary device is an iPhone. When we have read everything, we tap on “Join the beta version”. A drop-down menu will appear to confirm. We confirm with “Continue

After a few seconds you will be part of the beta version and the steps are identical to the previous ones: we touch the green button “pair a device” and we scan the QR code that appears in the application or computer program. This way we will link both. You will see that a message appears on your computer indicating that end-to-end encryption is being performed and you will see that the word “beta” appears in the upper left corner, unlike the previous case. That will mean that we have the latest version and we can use it regardless of the mobile phone.

Try turn off your mobile phone or turn on Airplane Mode and you will see how your WhatsApp messages continue to be sent from your computer connected to the Internet. In addition, from the “linked devices” section of WhatsApp we will see all the devices that we have activated and we can close the session whenever we want.

How to use WhatsApp on your computer

The steps to use WhatsApp on your computer are simple because the interface is practically identical to the one you have on your mobile phone, although in a different format. On the left side of the screen we will see the chat list, always visible. On the rest of the screen, the conversation you have open at that moment.

The buttons and icons are exactly the same as on the smartphone. In the upper left part of the screen we have an icon to see WhatsApp Status (a circle divided into three parts) as well as a “+” icon that allows us to create a new conversation. And the three settings points that take us to configuration, new group or featured messages. In addition, from here we will log out when we have finished using it if the computer is shared.


Within the chat window the icons are identical: at the bottom a face to access emojis, a clip that allows you to attach files or images and a microphone on the right side that will allow us to record voice notes. In the upper right part three points that allow us to: access the group information, select messages, silence notifications, empty messages and exit.


Other options: WhatsApp Web

Using WhatsApp on the computer can be done from the desktop application and is the best option because it allows us all the functions: video calls, messages, file sharing, broadcast lists… But it is not the only option. Not only can we download the program to use it independently, but the messaging application has its own version for the browser thate allows us to access our chats directly from a page. Specifically, it is WhatsApp Web and you have surely tried it before or heard about it.

WhatsApp Web is an option on computers where you don’t want to install anything. For example, on the computer at work or in class. You can use them for a specific period of time and leave the session closed when finished without having to install a program.

registration on whatsapp web

Using WhatsApp Web is very simple: we simply go to in the browser and we will see the QR code on the screen. We follow the previous steps with the mobile phone and scan the code that appears:

  • We open WhatsApp
  • We touch on the three points in the upper right corner of the app
  • We play in “Linked devices”
  • The phone camera will open
  • We scan the code

Both must be connected to the Internet if we have the classic version of the app but we can maintain them independently if we have the beta version mentioned in previous paragraphs.

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