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How to Use the Viral Lawyer Kitty Zoom Filter

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If you’ve been watching the internet this week, you’ve probably seen the viral video of a trial through the Zoom app in Texas, USA, which wouldn’t have been very noteworthy, except for the fact that a lawyer accidentally turned on a filter that turned his face into an adorable kitten, and did not know how to remove the filter from the app Zoom.

“I’m here live. I am not a catsaid the attorney, identified on his Zoom screen as Rod Ponton. “I can see that”the judge responds before trying to help the lawyer fix the filter problem. The moment that has gone viral is one more of the digital setbacks caused by the as teleworking is gradually taking over in all countries.

At first, the fake legs appeared to be the result of using a Snap Camera filter, owned by the same company that makes Snapchat. However, it is apparently actually a Dell webcam filter from around 2010.

While this was obviously a mistake, you may be wondering how to become a kitten (or try a variety of other animals or effects) to spice up your next video gathering. If you don’t have an old Dell PC, we’ve still got you covered. Here’s how to set up the Snap Camera and use the filters on your next Zoom.

  1. Download the free Snap Camera app for Windows or Mac (just make sure you read the terms and conditions first). It will ask for your permission to use your camera and microphone.
  2. Open the app and you will find a variety of filters to search. Anything you click will appear at the top of the app, where you can see it overlaid on your face.
  3. Go to the bar lens search and write “kitty” (or whatever else you’d like to try).
  4. Search among the different options and choose the feline that you like the most.
  5. To connect your new filter to Zoom, open the Zoom app (you may need to restart it if it was already open while Snap Camera was downloading).
  6. In Zoom, go to Settings> Video> Camera and from the drop-down menu select Capture camera. You should see your face with the filter you selected appearing in the preview.
  7. Start or join a Zoom meeting. Your face will appear as a kitten or whatever filter you have selected.
Choose from all different kitty kids filters in Snap Camera. (Photo: Capture Snap Camera)
Choose from all different kitty kids filters in Snap Camera. (Photo: Capture Snap Camera)

To disable filters, simply go back to Settings> Video> Camera and choose your usual camera again. If you want to get really fancy, you can even make your own lenses in Snap Camera.

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