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How to use the new WhatsApp quick responses on iOS and Android

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One of the new improvements that have been included in the WhatsApp messaging application is the possibility of using Quick responses. This is already available to everyone, and you may not know exactly how to use this new option that makes it much easier to reply to those who send you a message. We tell you how to do it. The truth is that it is not very complicated, and the company now owned by Meta has chosen an application system that is a success because in two steps it is possible to send the desired response. In addition, the way of working is exactly the same in both Apple’s ios operating system and Google’s android. So once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to apply what you know to any phone on the market. What are the responses that you can use At the moment, and despite the fact that the test version is already working on offering more options, there are six emojis that can be used to respond quickly on WhatsApp. Specifically, the possibilities are the following: heart; hands together giving thanks; thumbs up; laugh; surprise; and, of course, sadness. It is somewhat limited, it is true, but in principle it is enough to be able to express most of the opinions that one has before a message that has been received. The steps to take to use this function in WhatsApp Well, the truth is that you will see that everything is very simple. Once you are in the individual or group conversation in which the message you want to answer is located (it can be of all types, both those that only have text and those that contain multimedia elements), you have to do the following: Press continued in the message until it is highlighted in front of the rest. An element appears just above in which you will see the six wearable emojis where you can select the one you want to use. Click on the chosen one and, automatically, it is answered. You will have finished As you can see, complicated absolutely nothing. You may be wondering what you have to do now to reply to a particular message. Well, the answer is simple: the same as before, since the options for this are kept in the upper headband and once it highlights what you are going to answer, you can use the corresponding icon with the image of the arrow as before. That is to say, that in WhatsApp they have maintained the way of working and, therefore, nothing has changed. >

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