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How to use the Depth app on Apple Watch Ultra

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The new Apple Watch Ultra model includes a totally unique application that will help many users a lot, it is the Depth or Depth app in case you want to have some activity while submerged in water. Whether you want to dive, just have it with a snorkel or beyond, you will have this option ready. Below you will find the steps to use it and little else.

The official Apple support site indicates an important warning, as the Depth app is not a computer while you dive. This application will not show you information about your decompression sites, nor will you have data on gas analysis or any other important data if you are an athlete specialized in diving.

This does not exclude the device from having third-party apps. The Apple Watch Ultra has a depth sensor for this type of applications that are specific for diving. The sensor has the affirmative of the EN13319 standard, which is the international designation if you want dive computers, among others.

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Now with the Depth or Depth app You can continue to see the time at the moment, as well as the depth, the maximum depth capacity that you achieved on that occasion and finally the water temperature. The variation you get from the device’s depth sensor is 1 meter.

The sensor can work up to 130 feet or in other terms, 40 meters deep. If you choose to go over depth, your Apple Watch Ultra will display a yellow screen and certain features will stop working or become severely conflicted.

How to use the Depth app on Apple Watch Ultra

The ease of the new watch will allow the user to dive in complete comfort knowing that the device will automatically activate the app after the first meter of depth. Of course, it is also possible to use the application manually in each diving activity.

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In case you need the app to start automatically:

  • You will need to access Settings on your Apple Watch Ultra.
  • Then you will have to access General, followed by clicking on Automatic startup.
  • In the Auto-Launch section that can be activated or deactivated at the pleasure of the owner.

If you do not agree with the units of measure in the application:

  • Access the Settings of your Apple Watch Ultra.
  • Click on Depth.
  • You can take the option of your preference Feet or Meters, also between Ahrenheit or Celsius.

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