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How to use Shazam with Spotify to keep your playlists up to date

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One of the applications that allows you to discover music with excellent quality and precision is Shazam. The history it generates is very helpful and you may not know that you can use it with Spotify. In this way, you will be able to safely store the tracks that have convinced you within the streaming music application (which is the most used worldwide). We tell you how to synchronize both developments. By doing this, every time you use Shazam you will be able to transfer what you discovered to Spotify, so there will be no duality when it comes to finding something and listening to it. This ends up being quite comfortable, since the combination of both applications ensures that whatever you listen to in a series or movie, for example. If you like it, you can have it saved. Later, you can enjoy it in the car or when you are quietly in the armchair at home. Combine the use of Shazam with Spotify The first thing you have to do is combine the two apps. To do this, follow the steps that we indicate below to achieve it without putting any of them at risk and, more importantly, all that you have configured (such as lists): Open Shazam and enter the configuration development. Look for a section called Connect and click on it to carry out the communication process (if you have another previous synchronization, such as with Apple Music, this will be deleted by displaying a message). You will see that an additional message appears indicating that proceeds to the combination with Spotify, you must confirm it. Then, you will see the usual authorization with which you must do the same by clicking on Accept. Once this is done, you have already completed the synchronization. Run the synchronization This is the next step you must take and it is what allows you to store everything you discover in the music you listen to in Spotify to listen to it whenever you want or to place it on a list. To achieve this, you have to follow the steps that we show you below: The first thing is that when you finish the previous synchronization, you will see that there is a message that allows you to synchronize the Shazam history within Spotify. Use OK for this to be done. If you want to start from that moment to transfer the new and not use the old, you must use Cancel. If the message does not appear, access Shazam and play a content. The aforementioned will happen. Important: everything sent to Spotify is saved in a list called My Shazam Tracks, so don’t go crazy looking elsewhere. By completing this, you have everything perfectly organized and everything you discover with Shazam will automatically be on Spotify (of course, if you are not convinced at any time of the song in question, you can delete it without problems). >

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