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How to use incognito mode on Chromebook computers

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One of the positive things that chromebook computers offer is that they have practically all the possibilities that the Google Chrome browser has. One of them is the possibility of using the computer privately, something that for many can be very interesting. We tell you how to take advantage of this option. The Chrome OS operating system, which is the one included in these devices, is based on the use of the aforementioned browser. For this reason, it includes the incognito mode that, when used, leaves almost no trace of what you do (from accessing a website to editing text documents with the office tools that Google or Microsoft currently offer). And, luckily, activating it is something quite simple and that you do in a matter of a few minutes. This is how you can activate the incognito mode on Chromebooks Below, we leave you all the steps you have to take to use this function that makes these devices different from others that currently exist on the market and, therefore, that can encourage users to give it a try (especially considering that these computers are much cheaper). They are the following and, obviously, they do not put the device at any risk: Once you have turned on the computer, what you have to do is click on the icon with three vertical points that is in the upper right part of the screen when you have open the Chrome browser. In the drop-down menu that appears you must look for the option Open new incognito tab and use it with the mouse pointer. You can do the same by using the Ctrl + Shift + N key combination, and when you are in the browser, you will be able to identify that you are using incognito mode on a Chromebook due to an icon with a gray background indicating this. Exit incognito mode Well, this is very simple, since all you have to do is close the corresponding window that runs independently of the normal browser window. To do this, use the X-shaped icon, as usual, and with this you will have finished. The truth is that there is no difficulty, neither when accessing nor when leaving incognito mode, which, we remember, allows you to leave no trace of what the computer does, something that is sometimes essential so that no one knows if you have bought a gift. or visited an information website. >

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