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How to use Google translate and get more out of it

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The Google translator It is one of the most productive applications that exists if you know how to take advantage of it. Not only does it provide the ability to translate simple sentences, but it has many other features that will be helpful when traveling to a country with another language or when a citizen stops us on the street and asks us something in a language we don’t understand.

Google translator is more complete than before, it has tools that can perform complex translations.

Here are some of the coolest Google Translate tools, perfect for use when you’re abroad, reading documents in another language, or chatting with someone through correspondence.

How to use the best features of Google Translate

– Translate conversations in real time: Enter the Google translator, tap on the “Conversation” button that is in the lower left corner. Click on the “Language” header above the left microphone and select the source language, also select the target language. Tap the microphone button to activate automatic translation.

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– Translation of a single sentence: press the «Language» button to choose the source language, then select the target language. Click on “Enter text” to write a sentence. If you want to dictate the sentence, press the microphone button to say the sentence. Press the “Copy” or “Speaker” button to type or read the sentence out loud.

– Translate text into images: tap on the “Camera” icon and select the source and target language. Now, go to the “Snapshot” option to translate an image in real time using the camera. Choose “Import” to start the translation of a saved photo.

– Enable Live Translate on Google Pixel mobiles: Enter the “Settings” of the phone. Scroll down and enter “System”, tap on “Live translation”. Turn on the “Live Translate” switch and add a language. Scroll down and choose the language you want to translate, then click “Add language” in the pop-up window to finish the configuration.

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