How to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp

Now you can chat with an artificial intelligence in WhatsApp using ChatGPT, a tool that allows you to create texts using AI and generate very realistic conversations.

You will chat with artificial intelligence whenever you want, all from the comfort of your mobile.

Until now, ChatGPT could only be used from its website, but now it can be used in an instant messaging application like WhatsApp, as if it were one more contact that we have in our mobile phone’s agenda.

This will allow you to experiment with this Artificial Intelligence tool that everyone is talking about. To do this, you have to follow the following steps:

How to chat with an Artificial Intelligence on WhatsApp

Talking to an Artificial Intelligence in WhatsApp is possible thanks to the bot called “God in a Box”, it is the one that allows the activation of ChatGPT in the simplest way possible, there are really no complications. Follow these steps:

– Do click here for you to enter the God in a Box portal. Once inside, click on “Get Started”.

– Select the “Login” switch.

– Choose the option “Sign in With Google” to create your profile with your Google account; this is the most effective method.

– Add your WhatsApp number and click on “Submit”.

– Now you will see that the page will give you a phone number so that you can save it in your contact list.

– When you open the conversation, you will have to send the verification message given by the God in a Box website. After doing that, ChatGPT will write to you to access the attached link that will serve to fill in your profile information.

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– Place all the data that is requested so that your profile is ready to be enabled. Once the previous step is finished, you will be able to chat with ChatGPT whenever you want.