How to use Call Screen to block spam calls on Google Pixel


Ending spam calls is the dream of any user. Cell phone and insurance companies calling from an unidentified number and ruining naps or interrupting activities can drive even the most patient out of their minds. Fortunately, the Google Assistant includes a new anti-spam feature exclusive to Google Pixel devices: Call Screen.

Spam advertising calls are one of the biggest complaints from mobile phone users

The Call Screen function answers the call and asks for you, the reason for it. You do not need a connection to WiFi or mobile data to screen calls. It does not use the Google database against spam numbers, since the calls made by robots are automatically discarded.

In the case of Call Screen, the Google Assistant will ask the human on the other end of the line, the reason for your call. Depending on the answer, you can have the assistant ask other questions, or ask that they call back later. If it is not a spam call, you can answer at any time and continue the conversation.

How Call Screen works on Google Pixel

The devices OG Pixel, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro can use this new feature. However, at the moment it is only available in some countries, as a trial: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.

While the feature is originally intended to deal with spam calls, it can also be configured to deal with unknown numbers or calls when we are on another activity. Instead of losing the call, we can make the Google Assistant take over.

Call Screen transcribes what is being said, and if we decide it’s a legitimate call, we set up an automated response or pick up. Conversation transcripts are saved locally on your own device and can be accessed later. Calls from your contacts do not go through the Call Screen filter. You can directly attend and answer them, or reject the communication manually.

Customize Call Screen behavior

To ensure the success of this feature, Google allows a number of details that can be controlled and configured to your liking. To access, you have to follow these steps:

-Open the Google Phone app.

-Press the three dots button in the upper right corner.

-Select Settings.

-Open the Spam and Call Screen menu.

-Open Call Screen.

Here we will find different modifications available. We can save the audio of the calls; select the treatment of the calls in spam, possible false number, number that calls for the first time, or hidden numbers.

You can select that Call Screen is not activated automatically, but manually for each particular call; change the voice of Google Assistant. In this way, we personalize the Call Screen experience on our Google Pixel phone.

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