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How to use an Instagram Reel in WhatsApp states step by step

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On more than one occasion, when reviewing the Instagram feed, an attention-grabbing Reel is discovered (you may even have created an eye-catching one yourself). It may have crossed your mind that it would be great to use it in WhatsApp statuses, and you don’t know how to do it. We show you the steps to follow to achieve it with great ease. Unfortunately, there is no direct ability to send a Reel to the world’s most widely used messaging app directly (and it’s a nonsense, since they belong to the same company, Meta). Therefore, you have to use processes that, without being dangerous or complicated, allow you to achieve what you have in mind. The option that we have chosen among those that exist right now is the one that involves the two official apps of the services we are talking about, so security and reliability is excellent. Steps to send a Reel to WhatsApp status What you have to do is take advantage of different tools that the developers have included in the Instagram and WhatsApp applications, in this order. Although it is not the purpose of their existence, they do allow you to publish a Reel in the states of the messaging app without having to cut anything or edit anything. And this is appreciated. Do the following: First, access Instagram and, there, find the Reel that catches your attention, whether it is yours or another user. Once you are clear that it is the one you want to publish in the states, what you have What to do is click on the icon on the right side (almost at the bottom of the screen) that has three vertical dots as an image. Then a menu appears from the lower area. Among the options that exist there is one called Save to the device. Use it and in a matter of seconds everything will be in the team gallery. Now you can close Instagram and access WhatsApp. In this app, enter the specific section of the states and, in the lower right, you must find the icon in the shape of a camera. Press it. The publication interface opens and, in the list of available images that you have in the terminal, you will see that the first one is the Reel that you have downloaded. Select it and then you will see that it appears large on the screen. Now, just write a text if you want. Then, with the arrow at the bottom right you can publish the status. Thus, in this simple way, you have finished. As you can see, there are no complications and, furthermore, it is not necessary to resort to a third-party application, which is always positive so as not to have more installed on the phone. Obviously, you can repeat this action as many times as you want, but don’t forget to delete the Reel from Instagram once it has been published on WhatsApp so that it doesn’t take up storage space. >

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