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How to use Alexa Guard on your Echo speakers to turn them into home security guards

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One of the least known options for Amazon Echo speakers is Alexa Guard to warn of intruders, fires or carbon monoxidewhich is undoubtedly interesting and you can get a lot of use out of it.

And it is that as such, the Echo speakers practically what they hear are the activation words that users say out loud, that’s all. Nevertheless, these speakers can be used differently with Alexa Guard.

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Basically, when you have the basic version of Alex Guard enabled, the Echo speakers they become able to hear and alert sounds like breaking glasssmoke and carbon monoxide alarms, news that is sent to the user via notifications in the Alexa mobile app.

How to use Alexa Guard on your Echo speakers to turn them into home security guards

Now, activating this function is not complicated at all, although yes, At the moment it is only available within the territory of the United States. And although it is expected that it will soon be able to expand to Europe and other territories, to date this has not happened.

Having this very clear, what should be done to get the Guard tool working on an Amazon Echo is the next:

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– From an Android or iPhone mobile, enter the Alexa app.
– Click on the section Plusin the lower right corner of the screen.
– Access the section of Setting.
– Once there, go down a bit until you find the tab for Guard either Guardand click on it.
– Now press on Configure sound detection and follow the prompts that will be displayed.

As extra protection measures against intruders, this section of Guard can also be configured to turn on the smart lights that are linked to Alexa, connect it with different security systems, etc. Also highly recommended is that there are several Echo speakers throughout the houseso that there is no space that is not monitored.

If you want to go a step further, you can also choose to purchase the Alexa Guard Plus paid service so that, among other things, people can enjoy benefits such as sound detections of footsteps, closing doors, speaking, live listening, audio recordings24/7 direct access to the emergency helpline, among other things.

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