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How to use a video template on TikTok

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To facilitate the task for those who want to get an impressive publication, on TikTok they offer a number of video templates that allow to obtain very remarkable results with great simplicity, especially when making complex videos that can be obtained with a few steps and without the need for advanced knowledge and skills.

TikTok templates make it easy to make videos by adding images and adding filters, effects, sounds…

To do this, simply select one of the templates that the TikTok app makes available to the user and upload the images and/or videos with which you want to make the video, in addition to later also you can add texts, filters, effects, sounds

The method in which TikTok video templates should be used is as follows:

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-Open the TikTok app.

-Press the “+” button on the screen to generate a new video.

-Select Templates, next to the Stories tab at the bottom of the screen.

-To choose one of the available templates (currently more than 60, although the number varies).

Each template is identified by a name displayed at the top. In the templates it is indicated how many images can be incorporated to the same. Some indicate a maximum number and a minimum number, others only a maximum amount. Once the desired template is selected, the application opens the image gallery to select the ones you want to incorporate to the template. In the lower left part of the screen it will be indicated how many remain to be added.

After this phase, TikTok processes the chosen images, integrating them into the template, being able to make additional changes such as adding stickers, grading the effects, adding a voiceover… When all these tasks have been completed, the video is saved in the traditional way, and can be saved in TikTok drafts and post when it’s most convenient.

Finally, in addition to the templates provided by TikTok, if none of them fit the video you want to achieve, there are online communities that offer different free templates like Zoomerang or Canva.

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