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How to Update WiFi Settings on Amazon Echo Dots

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One of the things that can happen at home is that the WiFi network is changed, either by buying a new router or because the provider sends a new one. The fact is that in this case you have to proceed to modify the information in the different devices that you have at home, such as the echo Dot speakers. We tell you how to do this without losing any configuration. At amazon they have thought of this possibility without having to factory reset the speaker, since in this way all the options that are already established (such as routines or alarms) remain unchanged. Simply, the accessory is told the new route to use to access the Internet and, in this way, take advantage of the Alexa voice assistant or the databases that are used to provide the complete service. This is how the WiFi of the Amazon Echo Dot is changed. To achieve this you must use the Alexa application that exists for both iOS and Android and have the speaker nearby. In a simple way and sitting at home, you can do the process without complications. By the way, it is important that you know that the Echo Dot can be connected without problems to both wireless networks with 2.4 or 5 GHz bands. In other words, its compatibility is excellent. This is what you have to do to change the WiFi access information on Amazon smart speakers: Open the Alexa app and, on the bottom ribbon, tap on it with the shape of a house. A new screen opens in which you have to select Echo and Alexa to see the list of devices you own. Select the chosen one for the WiFi change (you will have to do this in all) and then click on its name. Now use the icon with the image of a circular gear that is in the upper right area and, in the WiFi network section, use the element called Change. A wizard starts that you have to follow, you will have to press a button on the Echo Dot to enter important information -such as the WiFi network password-. When you finish, the wizard closes , and you can now use the device as usual. It is crucial that you know that these steps can be used to change the settings of other Amazon speakers that include the Alexa voice assistant. Therefore, if you have one of the most advanced you can also change the WiFi network in the same way. The truth is that everything is quite simple and intuitive, and this is essential. >

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