How to update Telegram without going through Google Play

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how to update telegram without going through google play

Last April, the popular instant messaging service surprised us by announcing that Telegram would be divided into three versions: the conventional one, the beta version of the app and a third version that is only available on its official website.

The reason why Pavel Dúrov, founder of Telegram, decided to launch this new version of his popular instant messaging application is very simple: escape the policies that Google applies to applications available on the Play Store.

In this way, now you can install Telegram directly from the Google application store, or download the APK of the app through the website of this service. And beware, there are notable differences.

The available version of Telegram on its website is more complete

To begin with, as stated by the company when it presented this new version of Telegram, You will always receive updates earlier than the version available on Google Play, since it has to go through Google standards.

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What’s more, through this app you have much less limitations, since, for example, you will be able to access Telegram groups that are prohibited by Google policies. But the most interesting part comes with the fact that Telegram will update automatically without depending on Google Play.

Not enough for you? Well, you know that you have to do absolutely nothing to update the application. And it is that, Telegram will notify you by means of a notification whenever there is an update available. In addition, it will invite you to download it immediately or to ask you again in a day.

Note that The first time you use the version of Telegram available on its website, it will ask you for the necessary permissions to be able to carry out the updates as they arrive, so you must allow them to access your phone.

And what happens when an update is available? Well, it will not affect you at all, since the download is done in the background so you can keep chatting with total normality.

Once the update has been downloaded, the next time you open the app it will tell you that there is an installation available. All you have to do is click on Install and wait for Telegram to update from Telegram, worth the redundancy.

As you may have seen, the advantages of using the Telegram version available on its website are many. If you are interested in trying this app, we leave you the download link. Remember that it is a APK file, so you must give the necessary permissions and activate the unknown sources mode in the phone’s Settings in order to install this improved version of Telegram.