How to turn your PS5 on and off from your mobile


Turn a PS5 on and off remotely It can be much easier than you probably thought.and it is that for example, if you want to use the PS Remote Play application to connect to your console and thus be able to play on your mobile, yes or yes the console must be turned on so that the connection between the two devices can be created.

For this reason and so that you don’t bother anyone at home to turn on the PS5, you can choose to learn how to turn it on and off from your own mobile remotelyso pay attention to know more about the subject.

Well, the first thing that must be done to achieve the aforementioned objective of turning your PS5 on or off is to pair the mobile with the console. For this first step, yes, it is mandatory that you be next to the consolein addition to downloading the PS Remote Play app on your mobile to carry out the pairing of these devices.

Related to matchmaking, these are the steps you should follow to configure the console:

– Turn on the PS5 using the DualSense.
– Once you are on the main screen, click on the gear icon shown in the upper right corner.
– Access the tab System.
– Now, within the Remote Play tab, enable the toggle Activate Remote Play.

Having already configured the PS5, The only thing left is to pair it with your Android mobile or tabletSo let’s go with the respective steps to do it:

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– Having both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, from your mobile enter the PS Remote Play application, which you can download completely free from the Play Store.
– Click on the tab that indicates Sign in to PSN.
– By the time you are logged in, select the option to PS5 displayed on the screen and press To accept.
– Choose your console to connect to and wait for the app to create the link with the PS5.

What to do to turn your PS5 on and off from the mobile remotely

Once the PS5 is linked with the mobile, it will be possible to perform the actions of turning the console off and on from the smartphone. Of course, keep in mind that for this to be done, the PS5 must be in Rest Mode and not turned off completely, since in this case the PS Remote Play app will not be able to turn it on. So, if you have the console in sleep, this is what you need to do to turn it on:

– On your mobile, open the PS Remote Play application.
– Click on the tab of your console, which will be identified with a serial number.
– Wait a few seconds for Remote Play to turn on your PS5 remotely and you’re done.

Now to be able to turn off the console, the process also turns out to be quite simple to carry out and you will only have to do the following:

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– From the mobile, enter the PS Remote Play app and wait for it to link to the console.
– Now click on the PlayStation logo that is displayed at the bottom center of the screen.
– Go to the option Switched on and then click on the x.
– Now select the option Enter sleep mode if you want to turn the console back on from your mobile, or choose the alternative of turn off ps5 not to use it again.