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How to turn on subtitles on a Twitch channel

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Learn how to turn on subtitles on any twitch channel It is one of the best ways to not miss an iota of your favorite content on the popular platform owned by Amazon. Enabling subtitles as a viewer is one of many tricks to becoming a Twitch expert. Not only that, it can also be very useful if you are learning English or if you just don’t want to make noise.

Twitch has the option to enable subtitles on any channel. However, not all streamers have them available for their streams.

Activating subtitles on a Twitch channel is as simple as when you do it on YouTube, by pressing the “CC” button. However, just like on the famous audiovisual content platform, on Twitch you will need the subtitles option to be available.

Even so, there is a trick that you can apply to any channel even if it does not have the subtitles option enabled, although you can only do it if you enter from Google Chrome on your PC.

So you can activate Twitch subtitles from Google Chrome

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– Enter Chrome from your computer, this trick does not apply to mobile phones.

– Now click on the icon of the three points in the upper right part of your screen.

– Once the menu has been displayed, proceed to choose the “Settings” option.

– Locate and click on “Accessibility” in the left-hand panel.

– Choose to activate the option “Automatic subtitles”.

– Wait a few seconds while the speech recognition files are downloaded.

– Everything is ready, now you can view subtitles on all English-speaking Twitch channels in real time.

Now, it is important that you know that despite how useful this alternative can be to activate subtitles, it is not available for languages ​​other than English. You should also be aware that the Chrome Live Captions service does not provide real-time translations. The latter means that the subtitles will always appear in English.

Finally, a good tip is to check that the Twitch channel streamer you follow has the option to display subtitles available. If not, you can apply what you have learned in this short tutorial, remembering that for now it can only be done from the PC.

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