How to turn a mobile into a modern thermometer


With our current smartphones we can do countless things on the same device, and although they are not physically modular, we can add more capabilities that avoid us buying bulky items separately.

And not only at the software level, with more and more possibilities that will even allow us to replace conventional objects such as purses, key rings, official documents, among others, since at the hardware level we can also connect them to other elements that may come onto the market.

Expanding mobile possibilities

And it is that in Indiegogo, one of the main platforms for collective financing of projects, we find the financing campaign for TempBuddy, a small accessory that will turn mobile phones into devices to measure body temperature without contact and with great precision.

With this device and its companion app, available for Android and iOS, users will be able to obtain the temperature in just half a second, and they will also be able to track their body temperature over time thanks to the monitoring functions, which allow data to be recorded and a history to be obtained.

TempBuddy is an alternative to traditional thermometers, being also very compact and no battery requiredsince the energy will be taken from the mobile device itself where it is connected to take the temperature.

The only drawback of the device is that it is easy to get lost, although The protective hood has a hole that allows it to be included in the key ring or other commonly used accessory to always carry it with you, and use it when necessary, without being a nuisance when transporting it.

The campaign, now completed, admits the entry of new sponsors, who from the equivalent of 51 euros, will be able to take their own units, and where the creators of this project, based in Canada, are committed to taking it anywhere in the world, according to the requests they receive.

As always, the details, photos and other elements that allow you to get to know it in depth are available on the campaign website, which those interested still have the opportunity to visit.

Image Credit: Indiegogo