How to try Google’s most powerful AI for free, Gemini Advanced

how to try googles most powerful ai for free gemini.webp.webp.webp
how to try googles most powerful ai for free gemini.webp.webp.webp

The war of chatbots based on Artificial Intelligence continues to intensify, now it is Google that ups its bet against ChatGPT: Gemini has supplanted Google Bard to become the standard within the company. The basic AI is still free, but if you want the most powerful one, Gemini Advanced, you have to pay. Or not, you have a way to try it for free.

Searching directly on Google has almost become obsolete, what is popular now is to ask AI. OpenAI opened the door with ChatGPT, Google had to go in tow: Bard was the answer to the most well-known and used chatbot. And it seems that it was not enough, because Google ups the ante by putting all the chips in one name: Gemini. Will it be the winning ball? You can see it first hand.

Two free months of Gemini Advanced

Google One AI

First of all, let’s put a little order to the tremendous mess that Google has created with its generative Artificial Intelligence at the user level. You are currently using an advanced language model called Gemini. This model has given its name to the chatbot, Bard no longer exists: it is now Gemini (Google Assistant is also going to disappear from Android in favor of Gemini). The model is divided into three according to its potential: Nano (running on device), Pro (in the free chatbot) and Ultra (in the Gemini Advanced chatbot). The one with the greatest potential costs money, but currently it can be obtained for free.

Taking advantage of the launch of Gemini, and the name change of Bard, Google has launched an offer of two months free for your Google One plan with AI. This plan costs 21.99 euros per month, but you can get it free for a limited time. Only two months free of charge, but more than enough to try Gemini Advanced without limit.

You don’t need to have a Google One plan to try AI, just follow the following steps to get the two months free:

  • Open your mobile browser and go to the Google One plans page.
  • Click on the subscription of «AI Premium 2TB». You will see that it appears at 0 euros as an introductory offer.
  • Accept the subscription, Google will not charge you anything for the next two months.
  • To avoid a mistake and ending up paying for the plan after two months, make sure to cancel it as soon as possible: click on this link and cancel AI Premium.
  • You will have two months to try Gemini Advanced; in addition to the rest of the benefits of the subscription, such as 2 TB for cloud storage. Once two months have passed, the service will automatically be cancelled.

When you have the plan active you will see that, when loading Gemini page, Gemini Advanced automatically appears. The use you can make is the same as with the regular chatbot: Advanced is more creative, more powerful and somewhat faster, but does not add news. Of course, reliability is still fair: it is very easy to get back false data, you should double check before using what Gemini tells you.

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