How to try for free GPT-4 and Claude+ using Poe, from Quora

The release of GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced natural language model, has been a huge milestone for the technology and development community. Along with GPT-4, Claude was also presented, a chatbot from Anthropic that seeks to be more ethical and efficient than ChatGPT, from OpenAI. Now, thanks to Poe, a Quora app, you can explore both models and many more on a single platform.

Access to the most advanced natural language technologies

Quora has launched Poe, a free iOS and web app that provides access to various chatbots, including GPT-4 and Claude+, as well as other artificial intelligence (AI) models such as Claude and ChatGPT. To access both models, you need to subscribe to Poe for $9.99 a month, although there are free trials from the web.

Poe is a great opportunity to test different natural language models in one place. In addition, it is a valuable tool for learning and exploring different perspectives. Like Quora, Poe focuses on fostering curiosity and learning through interaction with AI.

A step towards the democratization of AI

Poe seeks to democratize access to AI chatbots and promote learning and exploration in technology. By allowing users to ask questions and converse with chatbots, the app encourages curiosity and learning through interaction with AI.

The availability of the most advanced natural language models, such as GPT-4 and Claude+, is a unique opportunity for those interested in exploring and understanding how AI works in the real world. Poe allows you to share your conversations with other users on your profile, allowing you to discover and follow interesting topics and people.

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An evolving platform

As AI advances, Poe intends to evolve and add new chatbot models. Each chatbot model has its own perspective and access to different types of knowledge, allowing for a broader and more comprehensive exploration. The availability of these different models opens the door to new forms of exploration and discovery in the world of AI.



Access to Poe has given me the opportunity to compare ChatGPT with Claude, and it seems that the former is more oriented towards content creation, while the latter innovates in conversation, since it is capable of suggesting where we want to take the conversation. chat.