How to trim videos with the mobile


Taking videos with your mobile is one of the most common tasks that any smartphone user performs on a daily basis. What happens is that generally these start to be recorded before what is really interesting, and possibly more than what is wanted is recorded in the same clip.

Now mobiles have the ability to trim and edit videos without problems, it is not necessary to use a computer.

That is why it is time to trim the video later to make it ready before sharing it on social networks or sending it to a friend through WhatsApp. To do it, if you are using an Android mobile you will need an application to edit video, but you will not have to download a third-party app to do it. Below you will find how.

Crop a video with Google Photos

Google Photos is an application that comes factory installed on all Android phones and can also be downloaded for iOS on iPhone. In addition to serving as storage space, it also has the necessary tools to edit a video at will.

– If you do not have Google Photos on your smartphone, install it by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

– Go to the app menu and launch “Photos”.

– Go to the “Search” tab and click on “Videos”.

– Find the video you want to trim. Now, click on “Edit” and go to the “Crop” option. Adjust the borders as desired and choose “Save Copy.” The edit will be saved in the phone gallery.

Edit with the Simple Gallery Pro app

Another option if you don’t want to use Google Photos is to use Simple Gallery Pro. This application because it is one of the most reliable, useful and intuitive in the Google Play Store. Plus, it’s an open source app, which means it won’t require unnecessary permissions or steal your data.

– Install and enter Simple Gallery Pro.

– Search for the video you want to modify and then click on “Edit”.

– Click on “Transform” and adjust the borders.

– When you are done, tap on “Mark” and then select “Save”.

– Once the edition is finished, the app will ask you where you want to store the video, choose the destination of your choice.

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