How to transform your photos with Midjourney in the Disney Pixar style or whatever you want

how to transform your photos with midjourney in the disney pixar style or whatever you want
how to transform your photos with midjourney in the disney pixar style or whatever you want

Midjourney has launched its first app to transform images or generate them with AI in any style you want, even manga.

Artificial intelligence applied to the generation of images from text is allowing almost magical graphic creations, such as the possibility of using one’s photo to transform it into a Disney Pixar character . Midjourney, one of the most prestigious AI image generators today, has launched its first official application as a result of a collaboration with Sigizi Studios, a Japanese video game studio.

Currently there are several players in the AI ​​image creation scene such as Stable Diffusion , Adobe’s Firefly , DALL-E 3 or Midjourney itself. Among all of them there is a race to improve their AI to create the best images and thus attract an audience amazed by their great capacity. Platforms that for professional designers are also becoming a great tool for their creative processes; just as it has been with other technologies in recent decades, or Photoshop itself when it burst in, changing the entire landscape of digital content generation.

Midjourney currently has 16 million users around the world through the Discord app in which its AI image generation can be used through text, but now, with the new collaboration, it has its first official app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

There are some important details to keep in mind with this app, since it is mainly dedicated to creating manga (that very particular drawing style). But as David Hold, founder of Midjourney, maintains, it is the first official app with which you can even generate real standard images through the settings of this application called niji・journey.

Another detail is that, although it really works completely under a Midjourney subscription, it offers up to 20 free images. That is, it can be used perfectly (with some limitations) to create 20 images in a fabulous way. And you are looking at one of the best AI generators, so if you prefer to create a real standard image or in any other type of animation, painting or illustration style, you can easily use it.

How to use a photo in Midjourney

Taking into account the limitation of 20 free images and that it is an app focused on anime, below are all the steps to follow to create an image with your own photo with which to fully enjoy Midjourney image generation.

  • Download the app from the Play Store or the Apple App Store .
  • Once started, the app consists of three accesses at the bottomof the toolbar. Click on
  • Now click on the palette icon (the second from the left) and select Midjourney v5from all the models  .
  • You can also select an aspect ratio: 3:4 (the default), landscape (3:2), square (1:1), mobile wallpaper (9:16) and wallpaper (16:9).
  • The button on the left allows you to add an image. Select one and now it will be when the prompt is entered: Style Disney Pixar, 8K
  • The app will take just over a minute to generate four images.
  • Choose the one you like the most and download it to your mobile.


There are other details that can be modified and they are the mode and visibility; although the Relaxed  and Stealth options   are only available under a subscription, so they cannot be used in the 20-image free trial. The mode is used to drill down into the details of the generated image (it will take longer if you use Relaxed mode  ) and visibility so that it is completely private and not made public.

Of course, it can be used mainly to create anime , as can be seen in the thousands of wonderful examples that appear from the  app’s feed made by other users.


Other prompts can be used to give more details to the transformed photo or even some of the ones recommended from the app itself. It’s a matter of trying and trying until you find the desired result. And sometimes it will use composition, but it will do a little what the app wants.

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