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How to transform a photo into an NFT to try to sell it in a specialized market

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NFTs have run out of steam this year, but there are still people spending their time and money buying digital artwork, and that includes photography.

If you have some really spectacular, unique photography that you think can be sold in this type of sector, there is now an app that allows you to do it in a short time.

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This is Capture, a free solution that is presented as the world’s first Web3 camera.

It has been created by the team at Numbers Protocol and Noir Agency, and is meant for photographers to convert their photos and videos to NFT with a few taps to protect the rights of their assets. The goal is that more creators can benefit from Web3 technology, escaping Web2, where platforms like Facebook and Instagram compensate artists only through exposure and use user data as a commodity.

How Capture works

Capture App allows creators to take photos directly with the built-in camera, with just a few taps, and transform the work into an NFT ready to be sold on the market to collectors.

It is a simple and decentralized application, intended to capture and sell photos and videos. All digital assets are verifiable and traceable, using Blockchain.

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Capture creates an asset profile showing detailed attribution records, including NFT characterization, creator profile, integrity records, and even licensing.

They are now working on Marketplace listings, gift exchange and OpenSea archiving, as well as social feeds, physical prints and much more.

A good way to enter this sector without knowing in depth its technical part.

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