How to take advantage of WhatsApp Communities


WhatsApp has launched a new feature to continue competing in the world of instant messaging: WhatsApp Communities. With Telegram surpassing 700 million users, changes to WhatsApp are a must to stay fresh and attractive to users.

The new WhatsApp survey feature

Within the communities the user can include as many groups as he wishes, but this creation of networks must have a meaning to get the most out of it. The whatsapp communities They function as categories where different different groups can be placed.

The proposal is not new, rather it is a response to the mechanics of Slack and Discord, among others. The user creates his Work community, and within it places the different groups related to his work activity. It can be an office group, another of suppliers, etc.

Communities allow Greater flexibility for the user when creating and managing groups by subject. The groups will continue to work in the same way, with their creators and administrators. What the user does have is the figure of community creator. Thus, you will be able to manage content in all groups simultaneously and send global messages.

What uses do WhatsApp Communities have?

How WhatsApp communities work

WhatsApp communities are especially a new way of manage and organize the way in which the user communicates. If there are many scattered groups with similar or interconnected objectives, a Community would allow sending generalized messages without selecting each group one by one.

For example, education workers can include in the same community the groups of students, parents, administrators and fellow teachers from the same school. In this way, the transmission of relevant information can be done in a more direct and organized way. With messages to the entire community when necessary and specific messages by group in others.

Another way to take advantage of WhatsApp Communities It can be among the residents of a neighborhood or building. A community is created and within it the groups according to the theme: neighborhood safety notices, notices of joint activities or other separate themes, but which bring together the same actors.

The operation of WhatsApp communities revolves around better managing communication with groups, and to make the most of them, what we need is to unite criteria. Create communities with your groups based on common aspects and improve your WhatsApp user experience in general.

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