How to take advantage of Instagram Live Rooms in the company

directos live rooms instagram.jpg
directos live rooms instagram.jpg
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With more than 1.2 billion users, Instagram is the fourth social network with more users in the world, which means that it offers many possibilities for brands and companies looking for a space in which to promote themselves and find visibility.

Instagram Live Rooms allows you to make live connections with more than one user, which offers many possibilities to create new content.

For this, the platform has many tools, such as Instagram Live Rooms. This is an “update” of your Live tools that allows add other users live, up to three people, so you can have more than one presenter or do live interviews.

One of the main attractions of Live Rooms is that you do not need equipment, as it can be done from the phone. Also, when adding a user to the live, all your followers receive a notification, which can help increase the number of followers of the account that has created the direct. Moreover, as users can be added at any time, it is possible to present a surprise guest.

With this type of live content, it is possible to show the most human part of companies, creating a greater connection. In addition, the tool allows you to monetize the content, so it is also a good way to generate extra income. In this sense, “badges” can be created that users can buy to support the user. It is also possible to earn money by directly selling products or services.

How Brands and Businesses Can Use Instagram Live Rooms

-Questions and answers: The famous “Q&A” sessions are one of the best ways to create engagement with users. Before creating one of these sessions, it is advisable to carefully review the questions that have been asked the most, whether in comments on Instagram, on the blog or even by mail. In addition, you can ask your users to send you questions that you will answer live. In addition, the structure of the session must be very clear so as not to go around the bush.

-Product tests: Users like to see the products in operation. A good idea to create a live show would be to show your users using the service or product, so that other users can see first-hand that it works.

-Interviews: Interviews are one of the content formats that works best. Whether it’s on a podcast or a Clubhouse channel, talking to influencers is always a good idea. It is important to find people who have something to do with the company or its subject area. These people can be found on social media, influencer platforms, or on blogs.

-Present services or products: Good content is creating a presentation for a new product. In this sense, the ideal is to do it before displaying it on the website. This type of live content brings together the most loyal followers and customers, so showing them the product or service first can improve engagement.

-Announce promotions: In the same sense as the presentation of a new product, when a promotion is created it can also be presented first through this channel. It’s a good way to get feedback on the promotion, so you can make any adjustments.