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How to synchronize the videos of our YouTube channel with our Rumble account

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Rumble is one of the alternatives to YouTube that, due to the pandemic, is experiencing a rapid growth in users, dissatisfied with the practices carried out by popular platforms such as Facebook or YouTube itself, and where in addition to being able to host their videos, they also have with capabilities such as live video transmission or the monetization of its channels through a subscription system, among other aspects.

As far as channels are concerned, Rumble has a tool that will allow users to carry out the synchronization with the contents that they have on their YouTube channelsthus being able to have their original videos on both platforms without having to upload the same videos separately on one platform or another.

To have the videos synchronized with the channel itself on YouTube

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To carry out the synchronization, you must first go to this Rumble web address, logging in with your own credentials on this platform.

Then press the “Sign In With Google” button, enabling the choice of account or brand account available on YouTube with the Google account. It will suffice to make the choice and grant the requested permission.

Back at Rumble, a few more aspects of timing remain to be established. Among them, define that the videos appear as publications in the user account directly or in one of the channels that have already been created (it also facilitates the creation of new channels if desired).

Also choose the type of license from the two possible options (Personal or Rumble)and even choose the date from which to start the synchronization of published videos, to then establish the link between Rumble and the channels on YouTube with the corresponding button.

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From here, it will be a matter of waiting your time (depending on the YouTube API) for the synchronization to take place to have the videos of the chosen YouTube channel also within Rumble. It is best to enter at another time so that you can access the videos and manage them from Rumble.

There is no doubt that the platforms that allow creators to monetize their content try to offer all kinds of advantages, and Rumble is no exception. Note that Rumble is free to enter, but has specific features for users who choose to pay for them.

Of course, you also have to adhere to some content publishing rules where, among other things, content that is illegal, copyrighted by others, or related to porn, harassment, and racism is prohibited.

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Link: YouTube Video Sync
Image: Rumble video uploader screenshot

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