How to subscribe to the Google Assistant to send you useful information or fun content every day

Assistant Subscriptions
how to subscribe to the google assistant to send you

When the Google Assistant It first came to our mobile devices in 2016 through Google Allo, the defunct messaging client that the company closed in 2019, and with it an important feature that has recently come to life.

The Google Assistant has recovered Google Allo subscriptions, a feature that allows us to receive daily notifications about the weather, appointments, useful information or fun content.

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Google Assistant subscriptions

Assistant Subscriptions

Subscriptions come to be a kind of reminders but with Google Assistant commands, since they allow us to receive a notification every day and at the time we want a notification with an Assistant command that reminds us to perform an action such as checking the forecast of the week, the current value of a cryptocurrency, receive a quote, a fun fact and much more.

The Google Assistant offers us two ways to create a subscription. The first option is to make a query and then say or click on the action ‘Send it to me every day ‘. The Assistant will already ask us what time we want to receive the notification.

Assistant Subscriptions

The second way to create subscriptions is to directly ask the Assistant to send you a notification every day. For instance:

  • Send me the weather forecast every day.
  • Send me a poem every day.
  • Send me an appointment every day.
  • Send me the Google quote every day.
  • Send me a joke every day.
  • Send me a fun fact daily.

The Google Assistant allows us to subscribe to receive notifications every day of:

  • Whaether forecast.
  • Stock quotes.
  • Currency conversion.
  • Cryptocurrency value.
  • Famous quotes.
  • Poems
  • Jokes.
  • Fun facts.

Manage Assistant Subscriptions

Assistant Subscriptions

With the command ‘Show my subscriptions’ The Wizard will show us and allow us to manage all the active subscriptions. There, by clicking on each subscription, we can change the time or cancel the subscriptions.

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