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How to stop your iPhone from tracking the sites you go to

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It is possible that one of the things you like least about your iPhone is to keep track of the places you go throughout the day. This reduces your privacy significantly, but you can take steps to make this less of an issue for you. We show you how to get it quickly and safely.

By default, location tracking is activated on iPhones by default, so this function is automatically executed, which controls the sites you visit to generate a history which for many can be quite useful. But for others, it is a direct intrusion on their privacy. If you are one of the latter, what you have to do is disable this feature completely on the Apple phone (there is the possibility to do this in each of the applications individually, but it is more effective to do it all at once in our opinion).

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The steps to take so that your iPhone does not chase you

To achieve the objective in question, what you have to do is use the tools that are included in Apple’s iOS operating system, and that is what you will find in all the terminals of the North American company. This, among other things, ensures that the effectiveness of the action is excellent, and that the risk that exists is practically zero. This is what you have to do.

  • Access iPhone Settings as usual. For example, click on the gear-shaped icon that exists in the terminal. Once all the options appear, the one you have to choose is Privacy.
  • Among the possibilities that you see now on the screen, the one that allows you to carry out the necessary actions is the one called Location Services. Right next to it, on the right, there is a slider that will be activated, click on it to change its state.
  • Doing this disables location tracking, which is exactly what you were looking for. You must bear in mind that the rest of the location services will not work either (except for the Find My option that allows you to locate the terminal in case of loss).
  • You’re done.
iPhone smartphone in hand

Everything is quite simple because Apple has thought of this option for the iPhone, since there are not a few users who do not want to be tracked. Therefore, they are good newsas well as that at any time you want you can re-activate location services if you consider it necessary.


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