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How to stop your Android phone from tracking where you go this summer

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One of the things that is usually sought on vacation is to go unnoticed, to rest as much as possible. You should know that android devices generally have the location tracking service activated to generate information in some applications (such as Maps) and that, perhaps, you do not want any of the places you have visited in the summer to be recorded. We show you how to achieve this easily. There are different ways to end the chase your Android smartphone or tablet is subjecting you to, but there are two that we think are especially simple and efficient. That is why they are the ones that we are going to use to increase your privacy now that summer is here and you are going to go from one place to another, whether on the coast or in the mountains. Obviously, if you follow the steps that we will indicate, you will stop adding information to the different apps that have a way of offering, at least on paper, much more precise help in location. The options so that an Android doesn’t track you Without further ado, we leave you with the possibilities that we think, for ease and low risk, are the most appropriate that you should use. Choose the one that best suits you, since both are very effective when it comes to using them. They are as follows: Pause the activity log on Google The Mountain View company is one of those that accumulates the largest amount of tracking data among users who have a terminal with an Android operating system. Therefore, it is more than possible that by restricting its operation you can have the privacy you need. This is what you have to do to get it: Open the Google application that you have on the terminal, you can find it in the list of apps that you have available on the smartphone. Now, you have to select the option called Manage Google account and, once the different options that exist are opened, use the section called Data and privacy. Among the possibilities that are in the history, click on Web and applications activity and then select Pause on Disable. Now, you have to do the The same with the Location History and the YouTube History. Once this is done, you are done and, yes, when you think it is appropriate, you can resume the tracking with the steps mentioned above. Turn off mobile data, WiFi and location If you want to be more aggressive, what you can do is that nothing on the phone allows any application that you have on the mobile to do tracking – be it from Google or not. The steps to take are the following: Open the quick settings panel in the terminal, which you can do by dragging your finger down from the top of the screen. Now you can disable all the functions you need automatically. safe and even if you click on the option called Airplane mode absolutely everything is disabled and nothing can follow you. Of course, the terminal will not have external contact and, even, you will not be able to access the Internet. Whenever you want, reverse the situation to return to a normal state. As you can see, this option is very simple, but at the same time effective. >

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